It’s been quite a while since COVID-19 began contradicting our living and business-operating norms. We trust that you and your close ones have fared well and continue to do so to the end of this uncharted journey.

GO 4 LESS has taken the long period of international travel austerity as an opportunity to re-THINK and to re-PURPOSE the business for futuristic relevance and strategy.

We have no doubt that you would have also forged changes for a preferred way forward.  As such, we hope that you can be accepting of the ones we have made.

Credit Removal

Client Account Services

Travel And Trip-Informed Clients


All business transactions are to be concluded by either of:


Funds-on-Board at time of Ticketing


Credit Card on File Agreements

Pre-vetted and data encrypted for recurrent use


Automated Ticket Processing

This ascertainment of payment is also a requisite for our automated ticket processing solution.

Email and user icon,sign,symbol marketing or newsletter concept, diagram.Sending email.Bulk mail.Email and sms marketing concept. Scheme of direct sales in business. List of clients for mailing.

Client Account Services Only

Clients are served by a dedicated Account Manager for a more committed and informed service relationship. We no longer entertain walk-in persons or calls for persons-random for engaging our services.

Travel-Complete and Trip-Informed Clients

Client Services IT Solutions will continue to be for the exclusive benefit of our clients. GO 4 LESS is committed to be ever-transforming in this regard.


Post-Ticketing Auto Alerts for Schedule and Itinerary changes



Completion of Boarding Passes and Seat Confirmations



Information Reporting Systems to meet a wide spectrum of clients’ needs



Maybe we might be a bit sluggish in coming out of our induced hibernation, but we shall soon be running; re-purposed and with renewed vigour.