Ticketed Clients are facilitated with secure access to their Electronic Tickets and Boarding Passes…….and also to a Detailed Trip Itinerary which is promptly updated for any change that may occur.

Auto-Alerts are immediately sent to the client as their Electronic Tickets and Boarding Passes are issued.

Should there be Scheduled Changes; Flight Cancellations; Itinerary Changes, the client, as well as their assigned recipients, will also be promptly alerted.

Electronic Tickets

Boarding Passes

Flight Itineraries

It doesn’t stop here……..our clients are provided with a Baggage Information link; Flight Tracking link; and can even make a local Wake-up Call Request.

Ticketed Clients of GO 4 LESS now have a real-time certainty of their trip status, from ticketing until their last flight has landed.

GO 4 LESS – Your Travel Solutions Provider……….‘enjoy the new different’

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