Do you meet all four basic requirements?

  1. Proven Customer Service Skills
  2. Efficient and capable of multi-tasking
  3. Well-experienced with regard to 1 and 2 above
  4. Been active as a Travel Agent within the last three years

These two Questions must be responded to:

  1. Have you been active as a Travel Agent within the last three years?
  2. Name the two significant GDS Providers in the Travel Services industry?

You may wish to identify any personal skills or experiences that can add value for considering your services to the Agency.

GO 4 LESS Limited is an IATA Accredited Travel Agency with more than twenty years of supporting Business Travel and Personal Travel needs.

The business of the Agency is expanding and requires persons that can work as part of a team to support this growth.

Persons at the Agency work remotely; therefore it is important that they are able to carry out their responsibilities with limited supervision.

If you are meet the stated requirement, then send us an email as follows:

To: sales@go4lesstt.com


Please ensure that you describe how it is that you meet the stated requirements for the position.